Make a Difference

Why Donate?

Thank you for visiting this page to learn about the needs of the Hemp Industries Association.  The HIA is trade association that is operated by a small but mighty team of two full-time and five part-time staff including 2 roles that are generously donated to us. As of March 2018, we serve more than 750 members, which is a 40% growth since 2016. 

Due to this growth and the important work that needs to be done, the HIA is seeking donations for the Association's General Fund.  Over the next two years an estimated $500,000 in non-dues revenue will be necessary to fund the association's additional staffing needs and also fund strategic objectives that will advance the industry.  

In addition to the needs of the Association, we are working to create a Legal Defense Fund for the industries at-large. Donations that are dedicated to create this fund will go towards the legal setup, financial and operational needs of the fund's administration. 

We have a lot of work to do, and you're support is a big help. THANK YOU!